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✦Instant 80 PvP/PvE Server

✦Starter Gear:

- Season 6 Weapons

- Season 6 Main Set

- Season 7 Off-set

- Tier 7 Main Set


- Gold.

- Retail currencies.

- Liquid Transmog.[Voting]


- Obtain Max level PvP items through all working Wrath of The Lich King Battlegrounds and Arenas (Season 8).

- Obtain the Best PvE items through all working retail Wrath of The Lich King Dungeons and Raids (Tier 10.5 (Heroic)).

- Higher level Gems/Enchants/Glyphs available with max professions. Profession rates = 3x.

✦Power Shirts:

- Power Shirts are custom shirts. Each with a random passive talent from a different class. These Shirts add a new element to PvP and PvE (Not usable in Arenas). There are 150+ different shirts to collect and trade.

- They are available through Battlegrounds, Quests and Trading.

✦Cosmetic Shirts/Transmog:

- Particle Effect Shirts are also available to collect and trade (Not usable in Arenas).

- Transmog can be accessed through voting.

✦Auction House:

- Global Cross-Faction Auction House that uses gold as currency.

- You can trade Shirts through Auction House.

✦Basic Teleporter in each Capital:

- Stormwind (Alliance only)

- Orgrimmar (Horde only)

- Shattrath

- Dalaran

- Venture Bay

✦Venture Bay:

- The Bay has been revamped to level 80. You can earn Gold and Power Shirts from Daily Quests. Unlock the special Vendor and Extra Daily Quest by capturing the Bay for your faction. Yarr... !

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