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Removed the old Sigil of Power (New) and Wisdom (New) from the loot tables. You can only loot them now from the Throne of Thunder.

You should now be able to turn in the quest Breath of the Black Prince at the Masson's Folly.

Celestials will now proper scale their health points based on the number of players in the fight.

Celestials are no longer tauntable.

All the teleport options for the Raid Checkpointer have been re-vamped and customized.

The spell cloak will now properly deal 200% spell damage over 4 seconds and not per hit.

Living Fluids will now spawn every 15 seconds instead of 10 at the Primordius fight.

Added a 20 seconds cooldown to the Spell DPS Cloak, Healer Cloak and Melee Cloak.

Legendary Cloaks should no longer proc any passive/mastery. (balancing purposes)

Changed Cranegnasher's hostility type to hostile from friendly.

Removed some worldbosses from the PVE Announcements on The Proving Grounds.

Added some extra checks to the anticheat system.

Improved the formula check for the wintrade system.

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