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On our project we're working more than 6 months, during those months we perfected the project organisation and details of PTE, we also developed Netherwing realm. As you can see, the development of Dragonwrath realm did not suffer, sole PTE project will even speed up our work on Cataclym core since it will be the 3rd realm in our project.

PTE is a challenge for us, it's an excercise and it gives us satisfaction. As a team we want to fulfil this undertaking even for ourselves. We think that this is something fresh, interesting and it's very promising, and we'll do our best for PTE to completely change the private servers scene and once again to prove that we know what we're doing.

At the same time we also make plans towards further Cataclym development. About all of this we already thought, wondered, planned and counted our possibilities for a long time. It's not a hasty decision and we realise what we need to face. We hope that these guarantees will eliminate most of your concerns about whether we'll manage to deliver it or is anyone going to suffer from it and at the same time we hope for your support in any form. Together with you, we'll achieve it!

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Atlantiss PvE 4.3.4 x1 1000
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